Apr 28, 2008

Pics From Jordan

After weeks of struggling with Share on Ovi and many other responsabilities, I managed to get 196 pictures of my trip to Jordan up on Flickr and Share on Ovi. Flickr doesn't give me an immediate option to embed a slideshow of my channels to a blog, something totally stupid, whereas Share on Ovi has the option placed somewhere where you can't miss it. Plus they give 3 layout options: ticker, slideshow and Grid. It's small but meaningful things like this that make me love Share on Ovi so much, and prefer it to Flickr. So here they are, my pictures from Jordan.

Day 1 - Leaving Lebanon, through Syria and to Jordan. Madaba church, Mount Nebo and Amman.

Day 2 - Leaving Amman to Petra, then Ram Valley and night in Aqaba.

Day 3 - Boat trip in Aqaba, then off to the Dead Sea, Jordan river to see the Baptism site, and night in Amman's Kanabaya lounge.

Day 4 - Off to Jarach, then back to Lebanon.



  1. can you add to the reasons not to like share on ovi the fact that it does not show anything in google reader ;-)

  2. Wow! Those are beautiful pictures, looks like you had fun! Great! And I must say Ovi does make it look even better! ;)

  3. Nice pics. But I have a few q's:

    Why didn't you take pictures of food??
    Were you allowed to take a dip in the Dead Sea? If so, why didn't you take a picture?
    Did you see Indiana Jones in that temple?? =)

  4. Dan,

    I didn't eat a lot of their local food, and the one or two times I ate, it wasn't THAT photogenic, lol, u get the idea... I guess we lebanese are too picky when it comes to food. Oh now I remember, there was one time where the food looked good, but I was suffering from nausea due to a LOT of sun heat, so I couldn't look at it for more than 2 seconds.

    Of course I dipped in the dead sea, and i floated, but I rented a locker and left the n95 & n93 in it. I wasn't willing to risk losing them. My friends took a couple of pics with their digicams but I have yet to take the pics from them.

    And yes we saw Indiana Jones, he said hello, and was looking for his donkey (look a couple of pics further)

  5. Rita,
    I remember the donkey but I thought Dr. Jones used a horse? Hahaha. Anyways, it must have been so much fun. Envy...


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