Jun 19, 2008

LTEN - The Tarnib Society

Parents & friends playing Tarnib (cards) on the balcony. Great social times.

Posted by ShoZu


  1. Hi Rita this LTEN theme is great,but I wonder you are getting lazy after your thesis isn't it.Cos yours were the posts I've read most and they were the longest,also to be honest to myself I learned so may things from them.So boost up the DOTSISX back like it was long before you joined the Symbian-Guru.
    BTW are the other two your uncles?All three look identical,like a triplet.

  2. haha well that's the average look of a 50yrs+ male lebanese ;) but they r not my uncles, from left to right: my dad, my friend's aunt, her husband, my friend's father. My mom isn't there.

    And concerning Dotsisx, yes I will try hard to bring it back, but it's so hard juggling 300 different things at the same time. Right now, I'm happy i picked up with the LTEN posts, and i hope to also start soon the "Nseries, the x in your pocket" series as i have very interesting ideas on it.

  3. "Nseries, the x in your pocket" serie promises to be interesting.

    It is only when you need something or need to do something and suddenly realize that you can do it anywhere, anytime and in a very easy way via "some kind of gadget" slipped in your pocket that you realize how powerful for instance the N95 8 gig or N82 is.

    Nothing can explain or portray the power other than the actual practical experience itself..

    Keep up the good work



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