Feb 16, 2008


Hello all! I'm sorry for not posting for the last week but my laptop charger issue became worse and I had some problems with the repair company. Anyway this was solved today. But guess on what I wrote this post? A Nokia? Yeah you're close. An N95? Oh no I'm still stuck with my 3250. But I got an N810 from the awesome guys at WOMWorld and I finally get to see what a Nokia Internet Tablet is. And yeah baby I am liking it! The full coverage will be online on Tablet-Guru so be sure to check it soon.

I also have an announcement to make over here at Dotsisx, it's about a change of blog direction (no I am not leaving the Symbian world) or probably a focus on a specific aspect. I am still pondering the exact way to shift things so expect some explanations in the week to come.

Oh and I have decided to get an N81, but I can only afford a second-hand one so the search has just started :p Now if you'll excuse me I'll go see what the internet radio on the tablet can really do :)

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  1. All sounds like fun there for you.

    Make sure to pick up the application WordPly so that you can blog at TabletGuru, Symbian Guru, and here from the Tablet easily.

    The N81 is your choice, neat. Regular or 8GB?

    I know the feeling about changing direction in one's blog. Its a hard decsion, but mostly a needed one when you are writing for/with others who share your passions. One thing that I do because I have my various outlets is that I use my personal site as a bit of a scratchpad of thoughts. I let things get processed there, and then come back to the other sites with some more coherent thoughts.

    Best of blessings as always.


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