Feb 20, 2008

Dotsisx Changes Direction

I previously announced in my last post that Dotsisx will be changing direction. It's not as drastic as it seems, oh well on second thought, it is. Don't worry I am not leaving the mobile community.

The reasons behind this decision are mainly 3:
First one is the tag line I have right now "Everything S60 3rd Edition and More". We all know that Dotsisx was never about "everything" S60, but more about "some things" S60. This is due to the fact that I never was good with news and I always hated reporting them. Mainly, when I *read* the same story for 30 times in my RSS, I am so sick of it, I don't want to see the title again, let alone, write it myself.
Second is the fact that being now that I write on Symbian-Guru (and Tablet-Guru), I find it odd that everytime I have a post idea, I have to pick one blog and go for it. I also hate copy/pasting the same thing on two different blogs.
Third, and main reason, is that when I started blogging, I did it because I wanted to bring my special touch to the community. As months went by, I lost my initial eagerness to achieve this. I want to have this back.

So, what is that new direction I'm talking about?
Basically it will be summed up by the new tag line "Dotsisx - On Life, Mobiles And S60" (new banner coming tomorrow). This means that Dotsisx will be more focused on daily life integration with S60 and on ways to improve that integration and make the most of it. This also means that I will post general things about the mobile industry. But most importantly this means that I will focus on the use of S60 in the life sciences field, as well as the new technologies: nanotechnologies and biotechnologies, and how they will be used in life and mobile devices.

The risks
I know I will see my RSS subscriptions figures diminish by the dozens the moment that I publish this post, but this is a risk I am willing to take. I also know that this is a new commitment from me, to a different domain than the one I have been comfortable in for the past year, most importantly because I will have to look for genuine content every time I post. This is why I will post less in quantity, but try to improve the quality.

Why did I choose this specific direction?
Because I figured that I am one of the rare bloggers that are implicated in the life sciences field, because I am passionate about Life, because mobiles are here to help us "live" better, because if I want to bring a special touch I should choose a domain that I know, because new technologies are all "hip" these days and it would nice to get to know them together.

Where to get S60 3rd information if not here?
First off, I have embedded on this page to the left, the most recent posts from Symbian-Guru and Tablet-Guru. If you're a strict fan of my work (1 get a life, 2 who are you?) you can also see the names of the authors: the ones tagged Dotsisx are the ones I wrote. You can also check IntoMobile which generally have all mobile-related news as well as AllAboutSymbian which mostly focus on Symbian. There's also on the left column my Bookmarks and my OPML file (all my RSS subscription links) if you really want to check a lot of site.


  1. Now that sounds much more exciting!

    Change is a good thing, I must have changed my blog hosting service, theme, design and goodness-knows-what-else, many times, and I've never regretted it once.

  2. Thanks James :D glad someone is interested

  3. Change is a good thing. And it seems like we are a bit like minded in terms of the color scheme of both our personal site's changes - aka, I'm popular since I match Rita :D

    Sounds like you will be touching a good bit on user experience which should be very cool as well. I'll be looking forward to what all you have next.

  4. Hi Rita,
    Like the new direction of the blog.
    But please, change the up-banner is ugly as hell; put some readable and calssy fonts in it, now everything is so kitsch:-(.

  5. Rita, maybe you know this blog already but I thought I'd tell you about it anyway: Darla Mack is a prominent S60 mobile blogger, her blog is at:


  6. @ Bassem I have been a Darla reader from even before I started my own blog. She was one of my first supporters and we keep in touch :) I expected to have a question like this from someone, so here is why I only linked to these: I didn't want to link to one particular blog, leaving the others behind: TheNokiaBlog, TheNokiaGuide, SymbianBlog, SymbianWorld, all are really GREAT resources, and the list goes on. I just linked to the "sites" (AllAboutSymbian, IntoMobile) and to one blog, Symbian-Guru because I write there. I also mentioned my OPML which is a compact file for ALL my RSS subscriptions, so you can see which sites I read permanently and subscribe to them ;)


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