Aug 6, 2007

It's Raining Men - part II: Anti-Theft Utilities

So Phone Guardian ain't the only one anymore, hmmm. Symbian Guru guys, beware!
As of the case of profile switching utilities, there are now 4 anti-theft utilities, one of which is still under construction. And these are:

1 - Phone Guardian by Symbian Guru, no need for details here.
2 - Security Genius by Symbian On, particularity: no app icon, it autostarts on boot. Launching the app requires a shortcut from the main standby.
3 - PhoneBak by VNS Conceptz Trading (my-symbian link), particularity: just simple.
4 - Guardian by Symbian Toys, in beta testing, particularity: "remote control functions, i.e. deleting your photographs/phone book/text messages/video/audio data in case of loss or theft of your mobile phone"

So it's there, 4 utilities. Which one will you trust your phone with? Which one is better and less vulnerable to hard-resets, uninstallation, memory card removal, formating? I will try to get my hands on some of these softwares (i've already requested beta-testing for Guardian) and put the ones I get hold off to the test.

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  1. Interestingly, the phonebak from VNS is from who also have other antitheft softwares for pda, mac and sony ericsson phones too.


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