Aug 30, 2007

Nokia - You've impressed me!

It's been a long time since I have been excited about a new device / feature, but seriously, even with all Nokia's annoucements being much speculated about for weeks before the event, they've still managed to make me drooooooooool. Let's see:
- a centralized service for music / pics&vids / games / connectivity : OVI
- an amazing gaming platform, maybe I haven't said it here before, but I AM a gamer
- a great music store accessible all around the world, on the phone or the pc
- a touchscreen interface coming soon (yippy!)
- a proof that Nokia listens to bloggers and consumers : the better N95
- THE SEXIEST DEVICE I've ever seen: the N81.

Now I'm a little bit thrown down by:
- the lack of a proper camera on the N81. Why oh why couldn't you throw a cam like the one in the N73? It's not the N95's but it's really good.
- the fact that they didn't launch the N82, but I suppose they wouldn't kill their N95 so soon
- the fact that they still lack a decent centralized solution for symbian applications. Now that they made one for games and music, throw in apps ;)

Now about the N81, I'm in love, totally utterly completely head-to-toe undeniably in LUV! I never had an n-gage (was too young when it launched :p) but I love mobile gaming, it's my favorite hobby. So the N81 is a MUST for me. Now I'll either have to break my wallet (but even if I will, i won't be able to purchase that beast), either Nokia has to send me one.

Anyone works for Nokia here? I guess I'm too optimistic :(

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  1. yeah...even i'd love to trade in my n95 classic for the new black beauty !! 128 mb of ram is just phenomenal !!


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