Sep 6, 2007

Dotsisx Picks - Top 50 Themes for S60 3rd

I have been preparing this one for a while now, downloading themes, trying them on my 3250 for a couple of days, deciding if it's a keeper or not. And everytime I thought I had it right, I found out there was a new theme worth checking, and said "here we go again".

Anyway, today I say "no more" : Dotsisx has picked, and here are the top 50 themes for S60 3rd.

Of course, this is not a limitative list, there are hundreds of good themes worth checking, but I had to pick, so I tried to include different styles, categories, colors, icons, providers... so that everyone can find at least a couple of themes to his liking. At first this post was meant to be a top 20 pick but seriously, I couldn’t narrow it down to less than 50. With several thousands of themes available, it was quite a challenge to make a choice.

Anyway, you’ll find the 51 themes (yes, I had to put that extra theme since Babi took me by surprise and recently produced the must-add “Tweety in Blue” and I couldn’t decide which theme to exclude in return) divided in 5 categorized packs, making it easier to upload and download (the total size is a little bit over 60MB). I used mihd to upload because it is mainly the easiest file sharing service I’ve come to use so far: no useless ads, no IP limitation, download managers are supported. The zips include all themes installation (.sis) files + screenshots taken sometimes from the provider’s website and sometimes from my own phone with active standby on or off, accordingly.

I, by no means, take credit for these themes, hence I would love to give the credit to theme providers featured in this pick: Babi, Pasco, PhilTheWebSurfer (PTWS), Luca, Aqualux, PZero, Supertonic, Zanyyeisk, Atlantis, Jendell, Zukzuk, UA. And I apologize for the themes for which I couldn't find a creator name. Thanks to you too :) All of these guys have worked their butt off so we can enjoy highly graphical looks on our beloved mobiles *Applauses*.

Now click-on and enjoy :)
Sports and Cars : pack of 4 themes
Elegant and Girly : pack of 10 themes
Graphical : pack of 10 themes
Animals and Cartoons : pack of 13 themes
Nature and Landscape : pack of 14 themes

P.S: You will see that most themes (23 out of 51) are created by Babi. It’s not a discrimination or a personal preference, it’s just that she’s the most frequent, diversified, abundant and constant theme provider out there, and I even had trouble picking those 23 themes out of the hundreds of amazing themes she produces.

P.P.S: You will also notice that the blue color is predominant amongst themes, be it in any category. It’s just that after one year of constant theme trial, I believe no color can suite your phone screen better than blue, no matter what. Just look at Mask by PhilTheWebSurfer, or InBlu by Babi and you’ll instantly see what I mean.

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