Sep 26, 2007

Day in the life of a tech addict in a hospital - Feeling GEEKY

This is just a small post to express myself, because no one around me would understand.

Today, I took my laptop to the hospital where i'm doing my internship, in order to fulfill some "orders". There was the teacher who wanted a couple of PDFs, the friends who wanted a couple of applications for their phones, the other interns / doctors who wanted some help with their medical-related applications, the ones I didn't know who kept popping in asking questions and advice... In short, I spent all day travelling around with my personal Toshiba laptop, my Nokia 3250 and my Qtek 9100, working with an N76, an iMate KJam, a Motorolla something (forgive me, I don't know them and I don't care), an N73, the sexy Nokia 6120, an N72 (remember those?), an N80, a 7610, an HTC Touch, a Sony Vaio laptop, another Toshiba laptop, a desktop PC and an unlimited amount of USBs. If you were around me for more than 30 minutes, you would've seen me work with at least 4 or 5 gadgets at the same time. It was fun to watch, from my point of view, yet totally freaking weird from the other.

Just put yourself in the shoes of a nurse / doctor / intern. Your main concern is clothes, Facebook, your family, diseases and patients. You never and I can't emphasize on the word "never" enough, heard of something called Symbian. You never wondered how to do certain things on a PC beside typing in Word and opening folders and USBs. You see this 18-year old looking (i'm almost 22, yet I look 18) fatty, simple, always laughing loudly, girl intern (who the other day was telling you that you shouldn't give Vfend with Lipitor because they cause rhabdomyolysis) with a couple of phones in her hand, a couple of laptops in front of her, answering 20 different questions in a minute about 70 different subjects, all-tech related, of course. You also hear her saying "open your bluetooth" very frequently. It's almost like she's from Jupiter to you.

Well, I did feel like an alien. In a medical world where technology is the latest concern, if it isn't Facebook related, I felt alone and geeky. Especially when I got the frequent "how do you know these things?" question, or the "you should've chosen computer science, not pharmacy" assertment. I just happened to like everything tech-related. I never asked myself this question before, but seems like a year ago, people accepted my geekiness because it was still almost normal. But today I noticed, it was now waaaay beyond normal, and waaaay beyond acceptable. To them.

Does it happen to you? Do you get this weird full-blown round-eyes look when you say S60 or Symbian or OS or RAM or battery power in front of others? Do you feel somehow superior yet somehow alienated for that?

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  1. I totally understand what you mean. Your post led me to posting a similar question on my site.

    I know that part of it lies in me to "be different" than just a techie. But how to enable or convince those around me to see more than that is a lot harder.


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