Sep 24, 2007

Tomorrow - A Day In History

For those of you who live more than a couple of kilometers away from Lebanon, the title of this post may seem strange since tomorrow is a day like any other. But for people like me, living and breathing in the 10452 square meters that is the land of Lebanon, tomorrow is a major day in history. I've always wondered what it would feel like to live during those flashy dates in world history, like for eg when Colombus hit South America or the day World War II ended. I guess with all the action going on in Lebanon, I now have my answer, because I can almost read it in 2050's history studybooks "in september 25th, 2007, the lebanese parliament failed to elect a president..."

Usually, I am not a politics fanatic. I barely have time to hold on with my numerous occupations and hobbies already. So I usually watch the news once every 2/3 yrs, but with the "firey" situation here, it's pretty much plausible I end up hearing the news "on the street", ie from neighbors, classrooms, friends, and, well, while walking down the street. So if you watch the CNN just once a month, you'd probably know about the lebanese situation more than me.

But for those of you who never watched CNN, here's a recap
- 14th february 2004 primer minister rafic hariri assassination
- syria accused, syria leaves lebanon after several (don't know the exact nb, but more than 10yrs that's sure) years of silently accepted occupation
- many assassinations ever since, for major politicians (1 minister, 2 deputees, 1 journalist, 1 politician), all by bombs, with civilians falling on the way
- syria accused of assassinations, although not profiting
- lebanese president always accused of being in-the-know
- lebanese scene divided between 2 clans: 14th of february/march (prime minister Siniora & Geagea & Jumblat, accused to be aided by USA) and opposition (Hezbollah & general Michel Aoun, accused to be aided by Syria/Iran). Both claim to constitute the majority. Both are holding to their positions. Both hate (seriously depsise) each other.

So what is tomorrow all about?
Tomorrow is the supposed day for the new lebanese president election. The constitution states that 2/3 of the parliament be present and the president elected by 50%+1 .
But since the parliament is divided and the opposition don't want a president elected by the 14th of march clan, they won't come to the hearing. So the 2/3s won't be there, which would make the elections, if an election is held, illegal and unconstitutional. They will only come to the hearing if there's a consentment on a common unity president.
So where does that put tomorrow? Well, some place between civil war, total void of reigning power (the government is already unconstitutional), 2 unconstitutional presidents each elected by a clan and postponning of the hearing (for more assassinations and instability) until some day in november. Basically, that makes tomorrow THE day in lebanese life that would make history.

Final word
In the hopes that nothing lethal would happen, tomorrow, I leave you with a smile and the wish that one day, my country would achieve what it once was and was meant to stay: a small powerful independent water-rich country, where more than 15 religious sects live in peace and harmony, where you can go from swimming on the coast to enjoying the mountain breeze in less than an hour, and where wandering on the streets on 11pm or 1 am is of no danger.

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  1. Really hope your country will be free, Rita. Looking for a better world always, in the name of Man and Woman, and no God's wars or any ohter kind of violence. A smart Kiss Rita, to you and to all people in Lebanon and all over the world. Pietro


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