Sep 23, 2007

Ketchup post

Ok, so it's not ketchup, it's catch-up, sue me!

Ketchup 1 - Reasons behind my disappearance

Things have been seriously crazy over here: I just started my internship at the hospital and with 2 clinical cases reports due every week, a Masters report due sometime soon, a laboratory training report due also sometime soon, and a 100-page thesis due in june, it's pretty much understandable. Add to that a hospital/university schedule from 8am to 7pm, you get the picture. Now try to keep on with all of that and an addiction to all-things symbian and comic tv shows, you barely get time to eat, let alone shower or even sleep!

So I may not be able to blog all that often on Dotsisx anymore, which is somehow against my will. During the summer, I had planned a couple of great features to add to this blog: a YoYap! video podcast (I even made the first YoShow, that's what it was going to be called), shifting Dotsisx to games reviews and focusing more on head2heads, but I guess I was being TOO optimistic.

One week after starting the intership, I know I won't be able to do any of that. I have been asking myself this question over and over again for the last week: do I or do I not make the move on Dotsisx? Then I found out my answer was through 2 other questions: Do I or do I not want to graduate as a serious pharmacist (not one who just happened to pass those final tests) and do I or do I not want to later grab a PhD and work in research? The answer was I do, to both of these, so I figured it was I don't to the Dotsisx changes.

Somebody get these readers a tissue. Ok, I know I wasn't making that BIG of a difference in the blogging world, and that, well, Nokia and Symbian could manage to survive without my constant nags/applauses but I think there may be at least 2 or 3 loyal readers here that would have welcomed the changes I was planning. So it's back to (or remaining on) the same land here on Dotsisx.

Ketchup 2 - Some links

Good grabs over on Symbian island:

- Jukka Silvennoinen (know to many as DrJukka), developer of Y-Browser, has just launched the beta of his Y-Alarms, a multiple alarms manager for those unfortunate enough to not have them already on their phones. As always, it's a freebie, so go grab it and don't forget to give him feedback! To me, I would prefer a more native interface, being able to change the alarm sound and the ability to repeat alarms every x amount of time, with x being my choice, which could be used for pill reminders for eg.

- Through Jukka's post I was able to take a sneak peak at MOSH, and I wondered why I never bothered to check it. Nice feature. Could've been great to add Themes to the categories and freeware / shareware subcategories to Applications.

- Conversation, a threaded SMS feature has been launched by Nokia Beta Labs, quite useful if you don't have a 3250 (which isn't supported)

- NSeries by LucaP, which copies quite nicely the theme we saw recently on the Nokia N95 8Gb and the N81 is my favorite for the moment. Absolutely marvelous theme. Amazing graphics. I usually hate black themes because they show poorly on my 3250 and make every little screen scratch appears very obviously. But with this one, I don't care! It's too good to let go! If the original theme by Nokia looks 50% as good as the Luca version, I would say "Nokia, you've finally made it: a good sexy theme" because honestly, I hate the ones they've already made. I know that Pasco has his version of the theme too, but I didn't download it since I already had Luca's. You'd better check both and choose :)

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  1. Rita, Im diego from argentina, and I read your blog dayly, so now have good luck with your study and Ill be waiting.


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