Sep 10, 2007

I'm Outraged!

If you are any reader of Dotsisx, you would've memorized by now that I am a pharmacy student, that I'm frustrated at the idea of the unavailabilty of medical apps for Symbian, and that I got a windows mobile device just for that.

That being said, I was just browsing Skyscape's website, checking if they got any new utilities _ for what it's worth, Skyscape is the most complete medical provider, and their reader application is the most responsive and efficient I've used.

Anyway, go now to the main page of the site and see if anything strikes you... Yes, their platform is available for the iPhone. Seriously? The iPhone hasn't been available for more than 3 months now (correct me if I'm wrong) and Skyscape rushs and develops a web-based service for it, with its most popular products available for the iPhone. On the other hand, the Symbian Platform has been here for ages, and well, Skyscape doesn't bother. I mean, I have been pissed at not having medical-dedicated apps for the Symbian platform, but knowing that they were only available for Palm OS and Windows Mobiles, made some sense, for these were "professionnal" platforms. But having Skyscape on the iPhone now? Seriously, this is just the icing on the cake!

And this is just an example. Apple have managed to integrate it's iPhone into the general culture. While on the other hand, Nokia and Symbian remain in the shadows. I'm outraged!

Note to myself: I wonder if there's anyway to work around this and make it usable on the N95 since it runs on the basis of the same browser... Just wondering...

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  1. Your final sentence says what i thought all the time from the first time the word "iphone" came up - it SHOULD run on any S60 3rd edition device. well, unless they have a special iphone-detection which i found amongst a good amount of "iphone" applications so long - and that finally dumps the s60 3rd users off again. I´m asking myself - what kind of strategy is THAT now?..



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