Sep 14, 2007

AppQLaunch - Nice free utility

I just came around this nice freebie while checking my RSS the other day, on the Tech[dot]blog. It's called AppQLaunch and I assume the Q stands for Quick :)

Basically this nice freebie by Yohannes helps you launch some applications quickly by simply typing their name. I know this has been part of Best Taskman and Handy Taskman (if i'm not mistaken) but now you can have this small utility without buying those software (in case you don't need a task manager).

I have AppQLaunch ready on my standby screen, on the left softbutton. When you launch the app for the first time, you need to refresh your applications list, then you can simply type in the name of an application, select it, press it and voilĂ !

Simple yet efficient. Give this freeware a go! You can check the homesite here, and you can download the app here.

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