Sep 16, 2007

Another useful freebie - Mr Lock

Sure there are several autolock utilities available for S60 3rd devices but none seems talored to meet my demands better than Mr Lock. Developed by Mobifun Soft (the same company that brought Smart Settings), this nice freebie allows you to perform everything you've wanted your autolock to do, hassle-free.

The autolock is dependent on profiles. Meaning you can choose to auto lock in All Profiles, User Defined profiles or No Profile (that's its Disable equivalent). So for instance if you need your phone to autolock at times but not at others when you're working with it, create a General2 profile, but don't include it in the "autolock in" profiles. That way, you can switch to General2 when you feel you need your buttons available at all times.

The other great option is that you choose when your keypad is locked: "only on idle screen" or "in all programs" meaning you can pick your keypad to autolock only when your phone is on standby, a useful setting.

But the greatest setting of all is when you pick "in all programs" since then your are presented with one more line: exceptions. [That feature has been implemented in some other autolock utilities but never functioned well on my 3250, since after a couple of hours/days the phone would start to autolock itself if I pressed a key before the time interval set. I never understood how pressing a key would trigger the autolock, since if I did press a key, it would mean that I'm working on the phone and need the keypad available!] Long parenthesis to say that I've always wanted an exceptions feature in my autolock programs but was so disappointed by the ones available I was even close to not even try Mr Lock. Thank God I did try it, since I found out that the feature functions flawlessly here. I use it for preventing my keypad to lock in mobireader, the music player, the camera (imagine you have a 3250 and the keypad locks when your phone is twisted in camera mode, unlocking can't be done without untwisting the phone)...

The other nice things about it are:
- First, it automatically launches on start-up so once you've made your settings for the first time, you just forget about it.
- Second, it functions as a hidden app and doesn't show up in task managers, somethg I bet we all want because if every background app showed up, we'd have long long lists when we press and hold that Menu key.
- Third, it's a simple interface, yet allows you so many useful settings.

It's also free so I seriously recommend giving it a go. I know that for me, I've found my perfect autolock utility.

P.S: for slider phones, it doesn't allow you to change the lock combination keys, but you can always use the lock “in idle screen” setting.

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  1. Thanks for the nice words! The 3rd ed. world needed such a freebie, didn't it :)
    MobiFun Soft


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