Aug 8, 2007

New theme maker - Luca!

While browsing through SiMo's Quick Clicks 4, I got around this blog of a new theme provider. The blog is simply called Themes4Nokia and the guy behind it seems to be called Luca. From the menu items on the screenshots and the contact details, you can tell that he's Italian.

As his fellow italian theme makers, Babi and Pasco, Luca brings really neat, simple and highly graphical themes, with a good pack of icons. Best of all, they look amazing and flawless on my 3250, which I can't say about other themes.

Here are, and from left to right, screenshots from 3 of his themes: F340, Aqua Orange, Sea and Sun. As per now, there are 13 themes on his blog, but I believe a little encouragment will raise this number.

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