Aug 2, 2007

Nokia FCC Store in Lebanon!

I don't know whether it's an official Nokia store or some guy just decided to open a mobile phones store about Nokias and call it this way. Truth is, everything is possible in Lebanon. But the fact is here: there is a "Nokia FCC Middle East" called store in ABC mall, Ashrafieh. When did it really open I don't know. A month or two ago, it was still under construction. I will be headed to ABC mall next week, so I will make sure to stop by the shop and ask the guys over there a couple of questions about the store and some devices. I will also snap a picture of the store. I was feeling too haughty to stand and snap a pic at a store when I spotted it yesterday ;)

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  1. i think Fcc lebanon is the worst company that u can trust,they r irresponsible and they dont know nothing about respecting clients and their needs,it was a big mistake to leave my mobile phone in their hand 2 fix it,the made worst and they dont know nothing about fixing mobile phones,its a shame because they'r recking the business name.


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