Jul 30, 2007

NStarter / Best Taskman / Tracker request

If any developer is reading (NStarter's Nomiel or the guys over at SmartphoneWare) or anyone who knows any of these developers reading: I have a request. A simple one:

I need a shortcut to access directly the Inbox or the Sent Items in the Messaging application. Up until now all shortcut utilities can only provide a hotkey to access the messaging application but not the subdivisions. Wouldn't it be nicer if you could imediately access the inbox by pressing pen+1 for eg? And while you're at it, what about instant shortcuts to Images or Videos inside the Gallery? Hmmm... Sounds nice!

After the first release of NStarter and Best Taskman, which provided basic application hotkeys, things have been quite quick in shortcut-land:
- The latest version of NStarter (1.05) allows you to switch bluetooth states, profiles and languages. The bluetooth switching is pretty neat :)
- Tracker (which I talked about earlier today) allows you to assign hotkeys to pretty much anything you can imagine: SMS to a defined contact, a certain document or folder, a category in the app... It's more than amazing and lets me imediately start writing an SMS to one of my friends, or launch one particular ebook in mobipocket. That's what I was dreaming about for months now, and Tracker realised it. Seriously, why the 'eck isn't this app called Best Tracker? Or is it that the superlative "best" isn't good enough?

All of this means that very specific shortcuts are possible within the symbian platform, so why not add shortcuts to the inbox/sent items/images/videos? Pleaaaaaaaaaaaase?

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