Jul 10, 2007

PowerBoot by Wireless Labs Technologies

I don’t know why I have overlooked this wonderful application. When I first found out about PowerBoot, I thought “yaaaaay”, then I downloaded it, tried it, and it gave me an error => immediate removal and, well, throw the sis file in the “could’ve been great but didn’t live up to the expectations” category.It wasn’t until a couple of days ago, that I decided to give this app a go, since there is no other solution (that I know of) that lets me do what this app does. It worked, and it still does!

So what does PowerBoot do?
PowerBoot is a freeware that allows you to choose which applications are immediately and automatically started everytime your phone is turned on, hence the Power Boot name.

How does it work?
When you first open it, you get the “Startup List” which is empty, since you haven’t yet added any app to the list. The other tabs are the “Installed Apps” and “Running Apps”.
By clicking on options in the “Startup List”, you get 5 options: Add installed app, Add running app, Enable/Disable PowerBoot, About, and Exit.
If you want to add an app, just select “Add installed app”, that will take you to the “Installed Apps” tab, where you can see all .exe files, be it on the C:\ E:\ or Z:\ drive. So in more simple words, you can add any app, whether it’s built-in, installed on the phone memory, or on the memory card.
The “add running app” option functions the same way, but it makes it easier to find a certain application: if you can’t find this app in the “Installed Apps” tab, just start it, and go back to PowerBoot, you’ll find it amongst the shorter list of “Running Apps”.
Now all you have to do is make sure PowerBoot is enabled (hence you have to see Disable PowerBoot in the Options menu), click on Back, and trust the app.
When you turn your phone off, then on again, you will see all the apps you added to your “Startup List” are open and running. Could it be any more simple?

What can you use it for?
If you are a symbian addict, you must have at least 2 or 3 apps that you need to be running in the background all the time, everytime your phone is on, like a call recorder, a call manager, an automatic keylock utility, a security app, a taskmanager, a profiles switcher,… and the list goes on.
Some of these apps have an “autorun” feature, meaning they will automatically launch everytime your phone is booted, but some don’t. So you end up either forgetting to launch them, either worrying about rebooting your phone, because you’ll have to spend 5 minutes just launching these apps. And for some phones where the lack of free RAM is an issue that makes the phone reboot every couple of hours, that could be a problem.

What do I like about it?
PowerBoot solves these problems and lets you enjoy smooth rebooting, hassle-free. Its interface is also very simple and intuitive. It does what it claims to do, and it’s good at it. That’s exactly what you expect from a small but immensely useful utility.

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