Jul 23, 2007

What’s on a blogger’s phone?

Well, I’ve been tagged, for the second time, by Tarek of Symbiano-Tek. He’s asking about the applications you find installed on a blogger’s phone. Well, for me, the list is very very long, so I wont comment on most of the items. Keep in mind that I don’t have wifi or internet on my 3250, so no internet-related apps here (thank God).
I will devide my list into categories, apps followed by an “(f)” are freewares.

Must-have & used all the time / run in the background:
1 – MobiReader (f) & iSilo: must-have for RSS on-the-go and medical ebooks (Head2Head between these giants available here)
2 – PowerBoot (f): wrote about a while ago, check it out
3 – SMS Chat (featured in a previous Head2Head with ThreadSMS)
4 – X-plore: I prefer it over Y-Browser, because of the tree-view, the fact that I can see many lines on one screen without scrolling, the unrar/unzip ability.
5 – Salling Clicker
6 – Best TaskMan & NStarter (f)
7 – Phone Guardian
8 – Screenshot (f), as Ricky said, don’t blog without it
9 – BestProfiles
10 – MobiGenie (f): Nokia’s freeware for handling calls

Used from time to time
1 – Nokia’s Search (f)
2 – BesteBible & Our Daily Bread (f) (which I found about over at Darla’s)
3 – First Aid Guide (f): java app
4 – Advanced English Dictionary
5 – Solution (math utility) & BestCalc & Calcium (f)
6 – Woman Mobile
7 – World Fact Book
8 – PhotoRite Sp, Nokia’s Image Editor (f) and PhotoNova+PhotoWings (f): Head2Head post written, to be published soon.

Being tested now
1 – SmartProfiles
2 – TextQuick : a nice feature, found over at Zach’s site
3 – SymBTChat : Bluetooth chatting app
4 – Alon MP3 Dictaphone
5 – PanoMan
6 – OfficeSuite, thinking about switching to QuickOffice
7 - AlarmPro: if only it didn’t show up in the running task list (when you hold the menu button), it would be the best alarm manager I have tried
8 – Y-Browser & Y-Tasks
9 – SmsOne : sends flash sms

1 – SkyForce Reloaded: can’t speak about games if you don’t know this one
2 – KRally: my favorite for now
3 – Virtual Pool Mobile: in test
4 – Top Hits Solitaire: kill time with the Forty Thieves :)
5 – Ludimate Sensible Sudoku: best Sudoku game I’ve seen.

Whew, that’s an EXTREMELY long list, I guess I have the longest among all tagged bloggers, but hey, when you blog about something, you have to try it, and sometimes when you try it, you get too attached and won’t remove it… heh :)

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