Jul 23, 2007


Oh man, I am so happy, I’m basically jumping up and down! Last Thursday, Ogero called me and told me they were coming to install my ADSL connection. They did, but having my Master exams on Friday, I couldn’t play much with it. Today I did and what a blast!
- pages open fast
- download speed is around 25 Kbite/sec dedicated (10 times faster than dial-up). I downloaded more than a 100MB worth of files since the first day, in a couple of hours!
- it’s 24/24
- the phone line is finally free so no more Rita-stop-the internet-I-wanna-call-your-grandma shouting 
- I can view YouTube (yes, I couldn’t before)
- I will get a router to enjoy this connection anywhere in the house, on the laptop and on my newly bought Qtek.
- 3GB of monthly sharing (before I used around 0.7GB)
- It’s basically the same price, if not less!
So it’s a totally different experience and I’m glad I signed for it. Of course there are the quicker choices for ADSL, but they are pricier and, well, this one is very good for now :D

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