Jul 5, 2007

Catch-up Post

Well, you go offline for a day, and it's a disaster!
Anyhow, here is a quick list of links and news to check ;)
1 - NStarter, which I have already spoken about gets updated. Check it over at Symbian in Motion
2 - Nokia PC Suite has a new update that introduces folder synchronisation, read about it at Into Mobile
3 - Smartphone ware's Best Taskman's new version (2.01) gets reviewed over at Symbian in Motion and All About Symbian. How did I ever miss this?
4 - Zach over at Symbian in Motion (yes again, this guy is awesome!) has the sweet news that Animated SMS by Zensis is now available for all countries, and now gets its own website: A-SMS.
5 - The new trendy Nokia 7500 Prism gets unveiled by Nokia in China. Pics and details at Just Another Mobile Blog

Wheeew, that must be it.

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