Jul 5, 2007

NStarter and Best TaskMan problem

First I have to say that usually when there's a problem with my phone, I understand what's going on and solve it quite immediately, but this time, it's just way too weird and complicated.

I have had this problem when NStarter is running or when using the Quick Start option in Best Taskman. When I press the shortcuts for the apps, after using the app I want, when I return to the main menu, the standby doesn't work. I mean NOTHING. I tried it with active standby on and off, and here are the results:

1 - When Active Standby is On:
The 6 active standby icons don't work, they are there on the screen, but they can't be selected. As you see on the left screenshot, the first icon is not selected while normally it should be (right screnshot) and can not be selected neither by pressing right, left, up, up, down, select,... or any other button.
Plus as you see, there are no apps above the right/left softkeys (left screenshot). Usually I have VideoMode and PhotoRite, see the right screenshot. These just disappear.

2 - When Active Standby is Off:
The joystick shortcuts don't work, no matter what.
There are no apps above the right/left softkeys, like in the above situation.

The only way to get the active standby back to normal is to reboot the phone.

Now I don't know if that's supposed to happen: because these apps provide shortcuts, they make the available shortcuts on the standby un-available (aka they sort of overwrite them) or whether this is a bugg or something. In my own limited mind, I don't see why the standby shouldn't be accessible anymore, it's just frustrating.

Do you have the same issue, is it supposed to be like this, can you give me any feedback?


  1. First of all, a big hello to you!
    Congratulations for this blog, seems to be interesting, so Im bw watching...

    Same problem on E61, but if you move joystik up/down is not solved? I can do that and all back to normal, but that problem make me uninstalling NStarter, and now tryng the new Taskman from smartphoneware, really cool.

  2. don't add java Apps in quick start!
    best taskman does n't support java icons


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