Jul 3, 2007

NStarter - It Made My Day!

Zach over at Symbian in Motion has some amazing news about a new app: NStarter. If you were craving for an s60 3rd update to Smart Settings, well NStarter will stop the wait. If you don't know what Smart Settings was used to, here's a quick explanation: more shortcuts.
Basically, NStarter allows you to add 12 (or 13) more shortcuts to your phone, and a reboot shortcut. In math words: pen + any number key on your phone = any app on your phone launched immediately, wether you are on the standby or browsing anywhere on your phone. Sweet!
Oh, did I say it's a freeware? Useful AND free. If there was an Academy Awards-like ceremony for symbian apps, I'm sure NStarter would grab many oscars :)
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to make the list of my must add 12 apps :)

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  1. If you want to draw some attention put at least one link to download the app... meh


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