Jul 30, 2007

SmartphoneWare Tracker - released!

Is it burning in Symbian land or what? Smartphoneware, the makers of the amazing "Best" series of software have just released a best-less application simply called Tracker and man did this application, above all, deserve a "best" attribute to it!

"Tracker is a real and fully customizable desktop application designed to help a user to optimize, simplify and organize most common everyday actions. Hundreds of unique functions and possibilities transform your device from a simple organizer to a powerful and great looking handheld computer."

That is just the first 2 lines of the application info, if you click on the link I provided, you will find material for at least 10minutes of reading. There's so much that this application can do that a simple review won't do it any good. I'm almost sure Zach over at Symbian in Motion or someone over at AllAboutSymbian will give it a thorough review in a couple of days.

For me, I'll just settle down with copy/pasting the highlights from the official site:

Tracker highlights
- Fully customizable look;
- Unique and intuitive navigation;
- Real desktop;
- Ability to put on desktop: notes, applications, contacts, speed dials, sms/mms, emails, documents, links to webpages, different actions, etc;
- Ability to assign hotkeys for everything;
- Built-in extended task manager and task switcher;
- Unique "Recent" view that tracks all imprortant events and shows them in one view. Last used applications, recent calls and messages, calendar and todo events - all on one screen;
- Fast separate application launcher and "Communicator" style "New call" function;
- Autostart function;
- And a lot more unique and powerful functions to explore!

They are most certainly right with their last highlight item.


  1. I'd be interested in software that tracks what I do on my phone for a week or a month or so, and then shows me my most used applications, when i used them the most, etc. I think research like that is fascinating.

  2. Someone is working on the review as I write this (hopefully).


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