Jul 23, 2007

NStarter & Best TaskMan problem – Zi Solution

You remember a while ago, I posted a problem I had with frozen standby screen when using the quick shortcuts by either NStarter or Best TaskMan? Well, it’s now been solved, well not totally, because I still get the frozen screen, but I know how to un-freeze it without rebooting. Just press a number button and clear it, the standby regains all of it’s power, could it be any sillier? I don’t know why I was stuck just trying the up/down/right/left and softkey buttons, when all I had to do was press 1 or 2 or 3, then clear.
Well, the problem is still there, so I don’t know whether it’s my phone or some sort of bugg, but I wrote to SmartphoneWare and they said it’s the first time they heard about it and will try to investigate it… Still investigating apparently.

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