Jul 13, 2007

Symbian Freak Photo Contest - I'm a finalist!

The ups and downs of being disconnected most of the time: you miss the great moments! I just found out that I was in the 6 finalists of the Symbian-Freak Photo Contest, and what a suprise that was! I submitted my grandma's picture, smiling after having done her spikey. She never lets me play with her hair, but that one time, she did, and I snapped the opportunity!

Anyway, go check out the 6 finalist pictures, and if you feel mine deserves a shot, vote for it. Personally, I really like the old man looking at the motorcycle picture. That's a priceless moment, and it makes you think about how fast time goes by. I was yesterday at the funeral of my friend's mother, and I'm still thinking about that: life is too short and it's the good people who suffer the most.

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