Jul 30, 2007

Applications worth mentioning

Well, I have been away for a couple of days/weeks (blame it on the weather, the Master final exams, the Kleiat lack of internet connection, the laziness or anything else). But there are a couple of applications that got reviewed/released or some that I just found about, that are really worth mentioning, beside the major Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows release. These applications are:

- SmartLight by PhonePhreak: a simple utility that keeps your phone screen lit if you are using anything beside the main standby. Read about here.
- KeyMap by the3sky: this little utility allows you to map the joystick keys to the keypad for example, or vice-versa. Very useful for game commands. Read about it here.
- V-Theme by SPlus: a Vista theme-based appearance for your phone. Check it over at Handango (why do these people lack an official website? They have amazing products!)
- TextQuick by Mind-Flip: basically this lists your contacts according to their SMS popularity and allows to easily text a friend. Read about it here.
- Psiloc MiniGPS: set your mobile to switch profiles, send an sms, turn bluetooth on,..., when you reach a specific location. Kewl. Read about it here.
- QuickOffice 4.5: update to the very popular office solution. Read about the new features here.
- Psiloc PhoneGuard: protects all applications with a password to prevent unwanted access. Check it on their site.
- Stopwatch Plus by Tektronic: the name says it all. Read about it on their official site.

Whew. I guess this is it! Pretty amazing huh? I've tried a couple of these apps, and I seriously recommend the MinGPS, TextQuick, Stopwatch Plus and SmartLight.

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