Jun 29, 2007

3jam - Text me!

While trying to keep up with the days I am spending offline at Kleiat, I was quickly browsing through all my favorite blogs. It's then I came across this little widget from 3jam over at Ray's Yet Another Symbian Blog. Basically this allows you to text me (or send me an sms) whenever, wherever. It also allows me to reply to your sms, quickly and efficiently. Sweet!

How does it function?
1 - Well first of all, you type in your message, then name and phone number (use the +countrycoderegioncodephonenb, ie for lebanon a mobile nb would be +9613xxxxxx) .
2 - You will be sent a verification code to your phone. Enter this verification code when prompted to (in the widget) and click send.
3 - I will receive the message, and you, on the other hand, will receive a confirmation of the sent message.

I really find this a nice touch and an easy way to keep in touch. I tried sending an sms to myself, using my father's mobile nb as a sender. I ended up paying nothing from my father's account, and nothing from my account. Even sweeter! Of course replying will cost me some $ (or cents) , but hey, lemme worry about that!
I don't know if any of you, fellow bloggers, will find this useful, because you're mostly always connected, be it via twitter, jaiku, palringo, instant messaging, ... but if you're a frequent reader here, you would know that I don't have any sort of mobile internet on my 3250, so this sms solution is rocking my world.

Come on, give this widget a go, it's totally free (unless you pay for receiving sms, and if you do, what operator are you with and why are you still stuck like this?) and lemme know what you think.


  1. What a great widget! Thanks for passing this info along Rita - I'm going to drop it onto my site right away! :)

  2. Hey Ritzy.. :D thanks for dropping by and the sms too. :) Sorry i'm a bit tied up with things right now ..so dunno when i'll get time to respond to the tag. Hope all's well with ya .


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