Jun 18, 2007

WiMax + Middle East = Dancing on the roof

Well, the title says it all. As reported by Stefan of intomobile, the Nokia may be offering WiMax in the Middle East in 2 years. That's HUGE.
According to the source file on ITP, the Nokia Siemens Networks have started trialling WiMax in selected regions ofthe Middle East area. Dubai seems like the only one cited there, are there any others? Will it be exclusive to the KSA, UAE, Kuwait, (Gulf countries) or will it also be available here in Lebanon? I don't know. But it sure sounds great: anything faster than wap is an enormous mobile technology in Lebanon. I guess we're still in the post-war phase, right? We have been in there for 15 years now, oh no wait, there was the 2006 summer war between Israel and Hizbollah, Oh that gives us 15 more post-war years... But there's a good side to the story: we won't complain about the lack of 3G on the iPhone, because we don't know what 3G is anyway!
I guess I have been off-topic here, but the Lebanese mobile phone market is growing and glowing, even maids have cell phones! So I hope that would be a motive for Nokia to invest it's new technology in Lebanon.
Now excuse me, I'll go continue my roof dancing... mobile internet, sweet!

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  1. Did you know that BLF has the fastest wireless network in the entire middle east ?


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