Jun 22, 2007

PhotoNova & PhotoWings by Sunios

Looking for a good photo editor? Well, look no more!
Chinese developer Sunios seem to have put their head into the photo market, bringing two great photo editing applications, and they seem to be free. The Website is in Chinese (which of course I don't read) , but I downloaded the apps, which are in English (don't freak) and signed them, then installed and there is no "register" tab in the Options menu.

PhotoNova allows you to open your pretaken images and insert a frame around the face. That allows you to put your friends/relatives/coworkers/... faces inside a baby, the Joconde, a chimp,... you get the idea. Most importantly, from the couple of seconds I got to play with the software, I noticed the amazing fact that it automatically detects faces in your images, so no worries about the face not being in the perfect place to fit the frame, freaking amazing!

PhotoWings allows the basic image editing effects: cartoonize, frame, border, color editing, special effects... The app seems a little bit slow but the preset cartoonize effects are funny and everything seems to be modifiable and customizable in this app.

As I finished my finals today, I am headed towards Kleiat (the region where I spend my summers) for a little mountain breeze and some trouble-free moments. Of course there's a downside to this: no internet and no Showtime (tv channels) subscription. But, I will make sure to take my 3250 and give these two apparently great applications a go. I may also prepare a Head2Head between PhotoRite, ImageEditor and PhotoWings+PhotoNova.

Anyway, in case you want to see for yourself, here are the download links: PhotoWings and PhotoNova.

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