Jun 12, 2007

Top 10 ways s60 has changed my life

This is my first post, so I thought it'd be good to start by saying why I love s60 and what changes it introduced in my life ever since I own an s60 3rd Edition device.
To tell you the truth, before the Nokia 3250, I had the 6610 (s40, no camera, no big screen, no applications...) so it was a great switch I made one year ago.

Here goes the top10, with the software that allow me to perform every task:

1 - RSS news on-the-go (via Mobireader) : having no internet connection on my phone, I thought that RSS was nothing I can enjoy on-the-go, but Mobi proved me wrong!
2 - Use my morning walking/jogging time to write essays and poetry (via Office Suite)
3 - Have medical references, whenever wherever, almost like a Palm or PocketPC (via Mobireader and iSilo)
4 - Control music on my laptop from anywhere at home (via Salling Clicker) (also post coming soon)
5 - Never wear a watch anymore, never carry a calculator to classes and exams anymore (via BestCalc)
6 - Use Notes instead of looking for hours for a pen and a paper (via s60's pre-installed software)
7 - Have entertainment material ready whenever I get bored (via any game, carrying music, videos and flash)
8 - Read literature books (via Mobireader, again)
9 - Give presentations without sticking in front of the pc (via Salling Clicker)
10 - Woman mobile, you know the rest ;)

As you can see, Mobireader and Salling Clicker are amongst the softwares that have made a huge difference in the way I interact with my mobile. That's why, in the upcoming days, I'll have a couple of posts about them, comparing them with their most serious contenders:
Mobireader v/s iSilo and Salling Clicker v/s PhoneTunes+PhonePoint

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