Jun 15, 2007

Developing and Contests

After a couple of days over at Intomobile, Stefan Constantinescu brings a really good news to developers: Make something awesome with Nokia's OpenC and get $10000.
"In order to kick start the developers creative juices Nokia will begin a content in July with a prize valued at $10,000. Join the Open C challenge if you think you have what it takes."
That's a really nice surprise for all developers with ideas and potential. I have been thinking myself about learning OpenC and maybe trying to make a little app on s60.
I always like to learn new things: just a month ago, I decided to learn how to juggle and got started until I had to cast my foot and had to stop it. Although, during the couple of days where I got to be juggler, I can tell you I was a good one ;) Oh and yes, I know, developing is nothing like juggling!
Anyway, back to the main topic here, I was planning to teach myself some things about coding and developing during the summer. I know I won't enter the contest, but it sure made me want to go further with my plan. Still, I don't have any idea about what kind of app I will try to make. Do you have any idea for an application on s60 that hasn't been done yet? Anything? I will be glad to give it a go, in case I decide to use my little free time during the summer to do it.

One more thing, I learned today that I may be heading to France for 3 weeks in end July. It was nice to know but it's going to be a tough decision with the unstable political situation in Lebanon and the fact that my mother went nuts when she learned that (I am an only child and I've never travelled before). I have some rough days ahead.

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