Jun 25, 2007

Head2Head - SMS Chat vs. Thread SMS

Second Head2Head post features the 2 softwares on the market that allow a chat-like or messenger-like interface for viewing messages exchanged with one or several contacts. These apps make it easy for you to view sent and received messages with one contact for example, in a chronological order, without having to go back and forth between your Inbox and Sent tabs in the Messaging Application. These 2 apps are SMS Chat (14.95$) from SymbianWave and Thread SMS (14.95$) from EHandySoft. For the record this is a comparison between the s6- 3rd edition versions of both apps. Also I used the trial beta version of Thread SMS.

Head2Head: SMS Chat vs. Thread SMS

FEATURESMS ChatThread SMS (beta trial)
Integration with contactsyes, no trouble so faryes, but sometimes gets lost between numbers & names, and shows 2 conversations with the same person
Messages in conversationsshows the entire message in the conversationshows a part of the message, then after clicking, opens every message in a new window
Conversation loadingyou chose which contact you want to load a conversation withall conversations with all contacts are already pre-loaded
Arrangementby person, not by conversationby conversation
Message detailsyesyes
Integration with Nokia's messaging applicationyes, sent messages from within the app appear in the sent messagesyes, sent messages from within the app appear in the sent messages
Go toyes, first conversation, last conversationno
Find a wordyes, with case sensitive or not options and search from beginning or current positionno
Arabic language supportevery word letters are shown in reverse orderevery word letters are shown in reverse order
New Message
Write a new SMSyesyes
Write to a contact with whom no conversation has already been initiatedyesyes, you chose the contact, but then have to approve the number :s
Write to a new number (not a contact)yesyes, click "back" when contacts list shows then write the number in the number box
Multiple recipientsnono, it may appear so but when you tick a couple of contacts while selecting a recipient, only the last contact ticked gets selected
Maximum character number (160 per msg) and nbr of messages u'll pay foryesno
Forwardno, you can copy to clipboard then send from the original Nokia message applicationyes
Emoticonsyes, visibleyes, but you see the code, the emoticon only appears in the conversation
Symbol supportyesyes
Flash SMS sendingnoyes, but you have to install Coolsms+
Cancel while writingin many clicks: Options, Message, Deletein one click
Template supportyesno
Schedule a messageyesno
Save to draftsyesno
Arabic writing supportyes, if arabic language is preselected in another app, no changing within the app itselfyes
Additional Options
Main menuyesno
Edit key (pen)yes, just selection, no copy, no paste, crashes when trying to change the languageyes, selection, copy, paste, change language
End call keyconfigurablesends the app to the background
Delete messages in one conversationone message, all, incoming, outgoingall

In words
SMS Chat offers a better user experience. I love the customization, the fact that I can chose which conversations to load and which not to, the main menu, drafts, scheduling, templates, the ability to see how many characters I've already used in my message and of course the find feature. It still lacks better integration (pen key) and a couple of things should be done easier, like canceling a message or forwarding one.
Thread SMS seems a little bit more integrated (pen key) and very intuitive. What I like about it is the fact that I can use all buttons like I normally use them on my phone, no worries. Still, the confusion between phone numbers and contacts is weird and most of the time I end up with 2 conversation panes with the same contact: one with the contact's name and one with his number. Weird. Some other features like the Find option or more customization seem vital. For the record, the newest versions seems to have an export chat history feature, and can override the system's SMS app: when a new message is received Thread SMS will automatically open.

SMS Chat: 8.5/10
Thread SMS: 7.5/10

Finally it depends on what you are looking for in this type of software. If you want something powerful and don't mind doing a couple more clicks to perform an operation, then SMS Chat is for you. If you want something more simple, more easy and intuitive, then Thread SMS is your solution.
Personally, you'll find SMS Chat alone on my phone because the double conversations in Thread SMS are too hard to handle. I'm sure it's something that will or have been fixed, since I'm using the trial beta version, but until I'm sure I'll stick to SMS Chat :D


  1. Tag, you're it!


  2. What about the loading time? I'm testing the trial of SMS Chat and it's about a 20 second load time for my phone. I can't get a trial of Thread SMS to see if it would have a loading time or not.

  3. In the standard messaging you can text mutiple people at once. When you tick all the people, you have to click select. Then everyone will be sent.


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