Jun 12, 2007

SPlus iTheme = iPhone interface on your phone for 9.99$

First of all, I would love to start by saying what an amazing job these guys from SPlus are doing! Plain amazing!

After bringing the Best XP Theme to the symbian phones (read about it here) that makes your phone look like it's running windows XP and allows you an easy and configurable access to all apps on your phone, they surprise us once more by bringing iTheme.

Looks anything familiar? Well, if you know just a 'lil bit about phones, you must have seen something like this all over the blogosphere and the internet for months now. Yes, it looks like the iPhone's interface! *applauses*
With the iPhone's launch getting closer (Steve Jobs even specified the exact hour), the iTheme seems like the nice plus that would make you less eager and less jealous of your wealthy and geeky iPhone fan friends.
The iTheme is less of a theme and more of a total standby system for your phone, that allows easy access to many apps on your phone. Basically, it makes your s60 stand out of the crowd. And since it's by SPlus, expect updates and new features really quickly.

Features of the iTheme include
- View and launch all programs in your phone.
- Wallpaper change able
- Use as default phone Standby
- Analog/digital clock,Battery,Signal level,Date&time
- View&Launch with History list of programs usage&Call log
- Automatic generate programs list
- Easy to define & launch with programs categories
- User name&Picture id
- KeyLock function
- Call Function
- Quick Dial Function
- Theme Manager function.

Edit: I tried the iTheme and it really looks nice, and visible on my 3250. Post tomorrow.
[Get iTheme from Handango]

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