Jun 19, 2007

Nokia into touchscreen?

Reported by Will Park from IntoMobile, is a Reuters news about our beloved finnish company. Apparently, Nokia has been looking at touchscreens from a new perspective.

"Optical sensors and touch will be the next big things," Nokia Chief Technology Officer Tero Ojanpera said in Singapore on Monday ahead of the CommunicAsia telecom fair [...] "I believe there will be a lot of innovation around these," Ojanpera said.

"Well well well, look who's crawling back" iPhone-fanatics may be thinking now, because if you recall, Nokia had previously clearly stated that consumers prefer keyboards and joysticks and are retiscent towards new shapes/form factors. Ehm, excuse me, how much units of 3250 did you sell?

In a word, I say "hurray!" I have been dreaming of a Nokia touch platform for months now, literaly (I saw it in 1 or 2 dreams). For all of you thinking solid buttons and touch feedback, I say "yes, definetely, why not both?". I trust Nokia will come up with a solution that's suitable for all of us solid-buttons-lovers and for touchscreen demands. Just imagine:
- a huge screen for all that video/picture/gaming/browsing/GPS experience
- being able to click on that particular link in a browser or in mobireader for example without scrolling for hours
- being able to flip through photos with a movement right or left of your finger
- getting over of that scrolling hassle in Gallery, messages, F-Explorer, ...
- and still keeping your favorite symbian platform with your favorite manufacturer

Wouldn't that be awesome?

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  1. yeah..its really cool that nokia finally realised the potential in touch screens !!


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