Jun 12, 2007

Welcome to Dotsisx

Welcome to Dotsisx!

For those of you not familiar with Dotsisx or with me, here's a brief review
My name is Rita El Khoury, 21 years old, Lebanese, passionnate about symbian phones.
I've owned a Nokia 3250 for a year now and I love downloading apps, games, looking for tips and tricks,...
I'm also a pharmacy student over at the Saint Joseph University, in Beirut, so that's why sometimes you might see some medical related posts (oh just kidding, maybe I'll snap a post or two about medical apps & utilities on s60).
I like TV series (Prison Break and some comedy shows like Reba), music (everything basically), movies, technologies, ... and whenever I have time, I write some french and english poetry (published at poemhunter)and essays. I have also designed a website for my faculty's student board Amicale FP which is in french and has a couple of buggs from the last update.

Dotsisx started over at Vox and it was quite a nice journey over there, but lack of customization and limits to comments made me switch to Blogger.

What should you expect from Dotsisx?
Dotsisx will be aimed at
- applications mostly: expect app reviews, head to head comparison of similar apps, new apps,...
- tips and tricks
- Nokia, symbian, mobiless, technologies, ... news
- and soem other things, time will show :D

What I expect from Dotsisx visitors?
Nothing, just have fun and hope this blog is useful to you :D and drop in a comment from time to time.

Let's have a nice journey together!


  1. Welcome to blogspot!

    Like your blog already :-)

  2. Welcome to BlogSpot Rita :). You won't regret it over here. I've been on blogspot (Symbiano-tek.com) and I never thought of changing.

    Rita can you please fix the link to symbiano-tek :)
    I don't get LinkBacks alot so I would be very happy if it was working:)It has double http:// at the beginning that need to be fixed.
    Thanks alot and welcome.


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