Aug 13, 2007

YoYap! Wishlist

Ever since Zach reviewed Yoyap! by Skyestream, I was impressed and have been wanting to give this funny app a go and see how well it works. Unfortunately, with the purchase of the Qtek, I started neglecting my 3250, just in order to mod the new gadget and make it my very own. Now that this is over, I went back to the symbian world and got YoYap!

My first impression was yeah, cool, but not that much. Then I found out that the app itself is not the funny part. It's the process of making the videos and the ideas you put behind the voice recording that make the hilarious part. In one word, you have to take it to the next level in order to really enjoy it. Grab a beer, call some friends and decide to send a message from Osama Bin Laden to Georges W then an answer from Georges W. That's how you'd enjoy YoYap. Yesterday, I spent 2 hours with my friend creating 2 videos and I was basically ROTSL (no, it's not a typo, since I was rolling on the sofa and not the floor) while recording an armenian accent message to convince my parents to enroll me in a hiphop dance course.

Still, after trialling it for a while, I have a wishlist for future features to be implemented that would make it even better (if that's possible):

  1. More character support like a sexy gal, a queer guy, some known singer, a macho guy, a baby, a doctor/nurse, an army soldier, conan o brian?...
  2. Ability to chose one animation for each contact in the auto answer feature. Of course you could set a default character for all contacts but you could still assign one specific character for a special contact
  3. Ability to save a voice call as video
  4. Ability to change the settings (mood character and background) inside the movie maker
  5. Ability to correct animations from the middle without having to restart the video to do so
  6. More than 1min voice recording
  7. Adding background noises and sounds
  8. Ability to switch characters inside one video in order to create a head 2 head conversation.
  9. More animation possibilities, not just the eyes but also: tilting the head, hand gestures (shut up, thinking, waving,...) and a kiss lip movment or a yawn :)

I know that's really too much to ask for, but if the Skyestream dev team decides to implement just a couple of these, it would make this app such a perfect little piece!

What do you think about it? Are there any other features you would love to add? Or are there any on this list that you don't think are necessary?

And would anyone get the message to the Skyestream dev team?

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