Jan 14, 2008

As if there weren't enough reasons for me not to send the N95 8GB back!

Just when you think you saw it all. Yes I was crying and screaming when re-packing the N95 8GB (read: i was heartbroken) but after taking my SIM card out of it, formatting the mass memory, restoring factory settings, deleting every bit of evidence that I had it in my hands, I went ahead and opened the drawer where I had put my Nokia 3250, 2 weeks ago. Took it out, noticed the small screen, the stiff joystick, the tape used to keep the memory card door from opening when the lower part is twisted, the small 2mp camera lens, the scratches. Then I took off the battery lid, removed the battery, re-inserted my SIM card, switched the phone back on.

Heh, same greeting tune, same hands moving to join, but such a different feeling. I click on New Text Message and type *snif* to send to my friend who knows I should be packing the N95 8GB today. The sending sms icon remains on the standby for a short while. I then notice my device is still in Offline mode. I click on the # key to get it to silent mode. And there it was, looking at me right in the face "Insert SIM card". WTF? It was in. I shut down the device several times, remove the battery, remove the SIM and re-insert it. No luck. I even re-insert it in my dad's phone. Same answer "Insert SIM card".

You would think that besides 2 of my friends who really enjoyed Global Race, I would be the only one missing the N95 8GB so much. Turns out even my SIM misses it! Believe it or not...

Edit: after inserting my dad's SIM card in the 3250 and making the device recognize it, I re-inserted mine. It works now, though I don't understand how that helped and where the problem was in the first place. I remember reading some place that people affect their belongings in a great way, like the handwatch that stops working when the old guy who wore t for 50 years dies. *snap out of it*


  1. I knew that pain the first time I had to send a device back; sadily, the better the device, the worse that feeling gets.

    Thanks for your insights on the n95 8gb; its not quite the device for me; but its a nice one.

  2. Yeah I understand your feeling. After having this phone, using any other phone makes it weird.

    It sounds like weird, but before I bought my n95, I had a 1gb memory stick for 3 years and never had lost it. Then I started using the phone for storage instead. 2 days later I was looking for the memory stick and couldn't find it anywhere; it's like it got angry and walked away :P

    Anyway thanks for all the detailed use cases of this thing.
    BTW my slogan for the N95 is: "This is not a phone"


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