Jan 29, 2008

Über Cool - A Quick Run

I love new tech, old tech, useful tech, lousy tech, and every type of technology you can think of. But the über cool future tech is the one that makes my heart skip a beat, especially if it's available today.

1 - LiveScribe SmartPen : this is your typical digital pen (ie you can write your notes on paper but also see them on a pc), except that it records the audio at the same time that you are writing a note, so that later on, you can hear what was said at the exact moment that you wrote something. That's darn interesting for students with roaming minds! Plus, when you play back the audio, it will be played in 3D, so you will hear it from the same direction you heard it while writing, is that cool or what? I want one now!

2 - ShakeSms : I am still a recovering addict with some N95 8GB withdrawal symptoms, but I was coping fine, until I saw this new über cool software by Tong Ren, the developer of FlipSilent. ShakeSms is a nice accelerometer-based app (runs on all N95s and on the N82). What does it do? Say you receive an sms and the keypad is locked, no need to unlock it to read the sms, just shake, the sms will be opened, shake it again: sms closed and keypad re-locked. Nifty! A nice video demonstration here.

3 - knfb Reader : Ok so this comes out of the blue here, no leak before as to where something like this is possible. Apparently, if you shoot pictures of text on an S60 3rd device, this software will recognize the letters, words and read them out loud for you. Awesome! I wonder whether it can just recognize the letters and transform them into a .txt or .doc file, would be amazing for my case reports. Short story: during my hospital rounds, I am supposed to do 2 case studies per week, which means copying 2 whole patient's folders from A to Z (admission reason, treatments, history, lab results, other tests, follow-up, doctor consults,..) in order to analyze everything. Being the mobile addict that I am, I take my friend's N73 and use the close-up mode to take pics of the whole file and then send them over BT to my device. When I come home, I send them over BT to my laptop in order to do the case study. If this software recognizes the words from pictures, it'll spare me so much trouble... Aw can't wait!

Any new tech posts you read in the past days that impressed you? You're welcome to share, I LOVE those!

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  1. Have you tried scanr? It allows you to mark pictures as whiteboards, documents etc and uploads them.
    With the docs, a .txt is created on the scanr website which has the text from the pic extracted. Pretty neat!


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