Jan 11, 2008

Nokia Table @ CES - Drooooool

Nokia didn't pass on CES although the only announcement they made was the N95 8GB US version. So there they were and Gear Diary's Judie Lipsett has been keen enough to report from the floor with a Nokia table picture.

As you see there's some N95 8GB, an N81, N82, two 5310, an E90, E61i, N810 and many more. Apparently Judie is drooling over the E90 and she's not the only one. I seriously want to see how the E-Series differ from the N-Series, plus I have ALWAYS wanted to have a qwerty. Being a writer, I am sure the qwerty would make it smoother. I am also lurking the rumored E71 as well as the rumored N-Series qwerty. The E71 looks dead sexy and if it ever makes it to the real world, I would love to get my hands on one.


  1. Oooh I'm one of them droolers just like you.. Damn.. That phone is worth the drool.. I'm so snatching it away from you if you buy that before me.. Grrr! Lol..

  2. E90 and loving it. I think you should have something new soon. -kW


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