Jan 1, 2008

Math à la N95 8GB

I was laying down today enjoying a good Podcast over the N95 8GB when it suddenly hit me. In the 5-6 days that I've had the N95 8GB here, all my habits have been tremendously changed, and by changed I mean struck by a tornado and turned upside down in a way you couldn't imagine. I no longer carry an iPod with me, I've got the N95 8GB. I no longer worry about recharging my digicam batteries, I've got the N95 8GB. I no longer carry my Qtek 9100, I've got the N95 8GB. So I decided to take some pictures and show you just how many devices the N95 8GB can replace.

Equation 1
So as I said, the N95 8Gb replaces my 30GB iPod video, my Qtek 9100, my Nokia 3250 and my Kodak digital camera:


But that equation isn't all that correct. We all know that the S60 3rd OS, with its great catalogue of 3rd-party software allows us to replace many more devices and things. Let's see, there's MobiReader with a great collecation of eBooks, irRemote that replaces a couple of remote controllers, some free bible readers and praying books, and a lot of dictionaries (the MSDict collection and the SlovoEd collection), so where does that leave us?

Equation 2


Ah but let's not forget that our mobile phones already replace a couple of our past daily carry-ons, like the handwatch, the phone book, the agenda and the calculator. Hm it's getting bigger.

Equation 3


So think this is about it? Well it is for most people. But you do know I'm in the medical field, and with Mobireader, iSilo and lately Skyscape, I get to carry some great medical books. So let's add a couple of those to the table.

Equation 4


Looking better? Ah yeah, the good'ol N95 8GB, all alone on that table, and all those devices, books, electronics piling up. Ah, woops, forgot something! See, when I wanted to make use of the free WiFi in my univeristy campus and in the hospital, I used to take my laptop. When I wanted to edit a word document, a picture, add a title to a movie, write down a short story, check my email, catch on some RSS, I used to take my laptop. So the N95 8GB does replace my laptop too, in many aspects, not in all, but in many. Hm, let's add a part of a laptop to the picture here.

Equation 5


Ok, so this is about it. Now the equation looks a lot more logical. That's true math! Now when people say that 700$-800$ is too much for a phone, just tell them to check this out. Would you want to carry one device that does it all, in style and simplicity, or would you want to get yourself a travel bag and just stuff in all your gear? Thought so.

Edit: after I read Antoine's comment, i realized that there are other devices/electronics that the N95 8GB replaces that I either don't have either forgot to put in the picture, and those are: Camcorder (it definitely is my main camcorder now), Television (I don't have SlingBox but many people have already said a couple of great things about it), Portable gaming device like the PSP (the N95 8Gb with TV-Out just makes gaming a great experience) and a GPS receiver. Heh, well it looks like instead of the "=" sign I put in the last equation, I should have put a ">" because seriously, it is far bigger while yet being way smaller!

Double Edit: Forgot the Webcam too! Gosh we can go at this all day long!


  1. Nice equasion. Now, you know that you need to add a TV and a camcorder there to really make all of the imaginary numbers that people can throw out there go away.

  2. Thanks Antoine for the comment. I had forgotten about a couple of other devices, you reminded me!

  3. Great post, really sums up beautifully what Nokia has been trying to put across from years.. Its not one thing, its many! ;)

    N happy new year!

  4. Hi Rita,

    I'm from Spain and I also have a N95 8GB...I cannot agree more with your comments. Excellent article!

    By the way, I have noticed that you are learning French...I'm also learning, so just let me know if you would be interested on chatting sharing oppinions about technique in french. This way, maybe we would be able to learn while we are discussing about our hobbies :)

    Should you be interested, just let me know...

    Happy New Year!


  5. Psst - Mobile TV is SlingBox.

    SpinVox is Voice to Screen Messaging.

    I can help you with the latter if you wish. I keep the blog over at http://blog.spinvox.com

    Or find me online as Whatleydude..


  6. Whatley, mistake corrected. I meant SlingBox, but somehow got lost with a couple of letters ;)

  7. Ritaaa , i thought of neraly the same post and i wrote about it on a paper for posting !!
    i'll not post it :( , but great point !! the N95 does clean up bags/pockets

  8. btw i'm kirollos from then95blog.wordpress.com , we've met before !! heheh

  9. A nice approach to a review with some cool concept.That photo line up means alot than just writing it in words.Keep it up and Get on with it.

  10. great article. I've been reading your blog for a few months now and i think it's great. keep up the good work @ check out my blog if you have some time.

  11. Nice article! You inspired me to do a similar thing comparing all the clutter I used to take with me when travelling vs just my phone which is all I need these days.


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