Jan 30, 2008

I Will Never Sing Jingle Bells The Ordinary Way Again!

I was at the hospital today for 4 empty hours of stormy weather. Thank God there was some WiFi in the library, so I got to try emTube and Mobitubia. I was first firing up emTube, thinking what type of video I would look for, when I remembered that the best videos I had seen on youtube were those of Jeff Dunham. If you don't know him, just search for his videos. He's an AMAZING ventriloquist, one like you've never seen and I have pretty much memorized all his scenes so far (favorite characters: Peanut and Achmed).

So I searched for Jeff Dunham and found a new video I hadn't seen before, called Achmed's Jingle Bombs and you bet I watched it. Took it a couple of minutes to load on the hospital's WiFi and I was ready to roll. All I can say is that I had the Bose on, and being that those are noise-canceling, I was laughing too hard to even notice it, in the library! Well, enough words, here you go: (btw if you don't know the first video by Achmed, watch it here so you can follow this one better :p)

Ok, Now I'll never sing Jingle Bells the ordinary way, again!


  1. Holds hand flat infront of head and goes *nooooooong* ... "Spark of Insanity" is one of my favorite stand up routines of Jef-f DunHam dot!com! :)

    (watch it if you don't get the last part :D)

  2. Lol, I have watched it, on a steeck!

    P.S: did u see the peanut and jaleppeno routine where peanut starts wondering about the pronounciation of Santa Ana? Saa-nataa-Aa-Naa!


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