Jan 21, 2008

I Need Your Contribution

I won't go into much details, because this is an idea in progress and I want it to be a surprise. But here it goes: I need your help. I need someone with a good camera device (N95 or N82 or N93 please), one hour of free time to spare, a mood for video recording and directing, and who can find one nice girl and one nice guy to appear in a 30seconds video. Anyone up to it, please email me at khoury.rt(at)gmail.com and I will give you details in the days to come. What's in it for you? Well, this isn't paid or anything (please notice there are no advertisements on my blog, I don't make money out of this). Your work will be recognized on my blog, that's all I can offer. Plus it's just a fun thing to do, you'll see. Please, include some details in the email and don't contact me if you can't provide what I asked for. All of those are mandatory.

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