Jan 10, 2008

What's Better Than An N95 8GB?

Thought about it? Well the answer is pretty simple: Two N95 8GB, laying next to each other!

A friend of mine was considering getting the N95 8GB for a while now, and after I got my hands on one and told him everything he wanted to know about the device, answered some of his fears, especially concerning the usability of the slider form factor and the soft keys / joypad, he decided to get one. Yes he still had doubts about cracking the safe and paying 800$ for a mobile device, but I promised he won't regret it.

Anyway, here they are laying side by side: the trial N95 8GB to the left and his N95 8GB on the right with the blue thing still hanging from the screen protector. Picture taken with the crappy 1.3MP Qtek 9100 camera (the only camera I had with me).

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