Oct 19, 2007

Correction about Red Five Labs' Net60

I guess I jumped fast on the wagon and assumed Net60 wouldn't allow users to install windows mobile apps right out-of-the-box on their Symbian. Seems like that's not the case. Filip over at Red Five Labs replied to this post where I praised the StyleTap innovation, and said that some apps for WinMo should work right out of the box with Net60.

One thing I liked about his comment is that I REALLY appreciate developers who care enough about their products to watch out blogs writing about them, even though bloggers of said blogs aren't in any sort of connection with them : I never contacted anyone @ Red Five Labs, yet Filip found my post, which means he was out there looking. This kind of support where developers seek users and not the opposite proves to me that they care, even if their solution isn't out yet!

The other thing I liked is that in 2008 we should have 4 formats compatible with our Nokias *bounce* : symbian, java, palmOS and WinMo. The more the merrier. That means more compatibility and less "i can't decide on a platform, i like both" typical indecisions. I can't think of any platform out there other than Symbian that could allow this sort of versatility! One platform to rule them all! Add to that the touch UI, the amazing hardware packed in Nokias, the new NGage,the Ovi doorway, and you've got yourself more than you can ever dream of. I believe 2008 will be the year everyone will remember in the mobile world, a landmark for innovations, and I believe Nokia will have a lot of roles to play on that scene.

Gosh, I just luv S60! I would like to see another existing touch interface (you know where my thoughts are headed) compete with that. Haha, they're doomed :)


  1. This is the first blog that i ever came across made from someone from the middle east that is neat clean and professional + legal :)

    thank you :)

    and btw,, did you pick the the verification word yourself?

  2. Thank you! That is a great compliment. And no I didn't pick the verification word myself, it changes every time a person logs in to post a comment :)

  3. oh well thats a shame it was a funny one :)

    well, keep the good stuff rolling! ill be checking your blog regularly i guess!

    another btw ;) if you needed programs or links to mobile stuff tell me :) i think i have a nice bunch


  4. Well that's a nice thing to hear! You can contact me on my gmail account (hint: left column) or on hotmail if you care for a chat. Seems like you know arabic / are an arab, so it'll be good to get to know you.


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