Oct 5, 2007

Free App Friday @ Handango!!!

I just came across this amazing news and it's a MUST to share. Handango have started a nice new giveaway called Free App Friday. Basically this means that every friday we'll be able to enjoy a free app courtesy of Handango. How awesome is that?

This week's freebie is CodeWallet Pro 6 Mobile for PPC2003, WM5/6 which is a password/security utility, normally priced at around 29$! Just click on the link, fill your info, create a Handango account if you don't have one, and you'll have a 100% discount on the application. They are also offering 25% discount on selected apps during the week. Hurry on, grab yours, offer lasts till 11:59 CST!

P.S: I wonder if there will be any symbian apps and what would they be...

Note: For further referal, I've added the Handango widget on the left column of my blog...


  1. from what i hear, they're going to rotate platforms every week. i.e. pocket pc, then maybe, black berry, then symbian, for example. so depending upon the friday, you should be able to snag a symbian app at some point.

    hope this helps.

  2. yep exactly, that's what they are doing: 1st week ppc, 2nd week smartphone, 3rd week blackberry. Hope this week is symbian :)


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