Oct 3, 2007

Thank you feed subscribers : the "hundredstone"

This is just a quickie to say thank you to everyone who subscribed to my RSS feed. I just decided today to add the Feedburner subscriber count widget to my blog and to my surprise it's a 107! With 2 subscriptions being mine (through RSS bandit on the PC and NewsBreak on the Qtek) just to see how my feeds look like to you readers, I have a gross amount of 105 subsribers. That's almost twice the number of posts I made here! I also have readers in the USA, Morocco, Turkey, Brazil, Canada, France, just in the last 40 minutes! Seriously?!

I never thought I would have reached the hundred milestone, and never expected to reach it. So a big thank you to everyone. Hope you find here what you come looking for. Suggestions, tips, comments, anything is welcome. I do this for you first, to share what I experience and what I love about symbian, about mobiles, about technologies and about life. It's all about Connecting People :D

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