Oct 14, 2007

My Madness Makes Sense: .NET for S60!

Usually I don't pour every news I read on the blogosphere over here, because, well, you don't want to read the same thing 10000000 times, but forgive me: this is H.U.G.E!

A couple of months ago, I was chatting with Darla and I asked her a question that even for me sounded mad : "is there or do you think there will be an application or an implementation that will allow symbian to run windows mobile applications?" At that time, I was furious with the lack of medical apps for symbian and was thinkin about getting a WM device. The question had been running in my mind for a while and it kept on popping up every now and then, but I eventually came to the point where I convinced myself it was total madness and got myself the Qtek.

Now this came a little bit shocking, but I just read on AAS that a company called Red Five Labs was about to launch the Beta of its Net60, a .NET compact framework implementation for S60 3rd. What does that mean? Just read this sentence from the press release:

Net60 enables managed Windows Mobile applications to run unchanged on S60 devices. Using C# and Visual Basic .NET in Visual Studio, developers can now use the .NET Compact Framework environment to build applications for Symbian devices.

Now tell me: how huge is that? I know it's just the beginning and probably it won't work right out of the box, will have limitations, will cost a fortune,... But can you see the possibilities? Can you see the future? Can you see yourself buying an S60 device without ever regretting it because almost every single application on the planet runs on your handset? We've already got .sis files working, iPhone web apps run quite well, and now WM apps (which are almost the same over RIM and Palm)...

That's why I love symbian. Because no matter how mad you can be, thinking about a feature or a trick or an implementation that you want to add to it, there's always a way to do it.

P.S: Red Five Labs will be exposing their product over at the Symbian Smartphone Show so if anyone reading this is going (nudge @ Zach) pleaaaaaaaaaase make sure you check their stand.

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  1. Hi Rita,
    Thanks for your posting about us. I believe that you have interacted with Filip to a large degree and have joined our beta program (available on our site www.redfivelabs.com). I hope it' been rewarding. If there is anything else you'd like to comment on, please drop me a line (adrianoi ((AT)) redfivelabs.com. BR, Adriano


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