Oct 8, 2007

What everyone I know (me included) love about Nokia :)

We all love Nokia, don't we? We can't help the ever-changing menu organisation, the forgotten shortcuts, the not-so-advertized OS, the unkown and undiscovered beauties, the countless amount of devices advertized, the unavailability of medical apps, yet when it comes down to stepping into a mobile shop, we first and foremost check Nokia devices and we first and foremost buy Nokia devices. Why? It's something probably that has been so emphasized about and hence so taken for granted it's almost forgotten.

So what do we ALL love about our Nokia? We love the fact that it can drop, hit, break open, fly, turn, swim, swirl, skate, and yet when we take it off the floor or put back together the several pieces or dry the wet parts, it Still Functions. Isn't that awesome? I have been coming through several examples these days, my attention was drawn back to this mere fact:
- a collegue of mine, at uni, dropped her 7610 on the classroom's paved floor. After she put the battery back in and closed the lid, she pressed power and it turned on, she didn't look that surprised and said "it's the 3rd time it drops today". The fact that, to her, a phone that drops thrice a day and still functions is nothing of a surprise proves how Nokia has changed our conception of built quality.
- it was 7:45 am and i was walking in the parking toward my car, carrying my laptop, my handbag, my paper folder, my 3250 and my keys. Somehow the 3250 managed to slip through my fingers and, since I was walking, before it hit the floor, it hit my foot which was moving, which make it more like a football shot, so it flew a couple of meters away then hit the concrete. The screen did get a little scratch but nothing that damaging. I picked it up, noticed the scratch, got annoyed, but didn't even feel surprised that it didn't even turn off. It was still running :)
- amazed by the quality of these devices, I was talking to a colleague of mine, praising what we've forgotten, so she answered back "you reminded me of a funny story: my neighbor once dropped her Nokia into the elevator's case (you know the big whole in the building where the elevator is supposed to move up and down) from the 7th story. After a couple of days, when the repair man came by, he got the pieces out of the lower level's floor. She took them to a mobile shop where they put it back together and it worked!"

You probably encountered the first or second situation at least once in your device's life, so the only story that still manages to drop that jaw of yours down must be the third one. Now put these together with the fact that I only once dropped my Qtek 9100 from less than a 1 meter height and it took me something between 5 and 7 reboot attempts to finally manage to reboot it completely, that my friend who recently bought an HTC Touch carries it like she's carrying a newborn or a diamond necklace, that my colleague who has the very slim Motorolla (don't know the exact device name, don't care) says he's afraid of putting it in his back pocket because it can bend,... and you get the bigger picture.

We have the most amazing device manufacturer ever because it makes devices that can last years, no matter how we treat them.

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  1. I had a 3390 (as old as......... something really old XD). the only thing I remember is that every single day was a visit to the floor, a big fall that split it into pieces (I mean pieces!) but then I just put everything back together and it was like nothing happened. love u nokia (k)


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