Oct 10, 2007

Mac'alicious Standby

Installing themes is one of my favourite hobbies over my 3250. A sleek theme is something that makes browsing through the phone, using applications and listening to music really enjoyable. That's why I always love to have a fresh new look on my mobile, because it's something that I'll have to bear no matter what I am doing with my mobile. One of my favourite theme providers nowadays is Luca, not that Babi is detroned but I've gotten quite used to her style and her icon packs so Luca brings this new sparkle into my mobile. I love his iTunes theme. I find that it has the clarity, simplicity and colors that I love to have in a theme, while still being very graphical. Yet today, I decided to keep the theme and try some different wallpaper. One wallpaper pack grabbed my attention as to what it would fit Luca's iTunes theme very decently : it's Mac by Matalo which I found over at Pasco's latest Sunday Themes edition. I tried most wallpapers, and they all looked quite nice, but the one that struck me with an amazing marriage was "wall003". And the result: just look down. I think this is the wallpaper that was MEANT to go with this theme. I'm in LUV.

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