Oct 16, 2007

S60's Touch UI - A Smile to the Future

Unless you're living on Planet Mars, you must've caught someplace that S60 has announced today, at the Symbian Smartphone Show it's S60 Touch UI. For more info, you can read the Press Release reported by Darla here, or hear the Voice of S60 Podcast with Minna Karvonen here or even better, since showing is better than telling, you can watch the video taken by AAS during the showcase:

I've been watching this vid over and over and here are some comments:
1 - I sooooooo wanna be the girl holding this phone, does she know what treasure she has?
2 - The phone showcased seems hardware-wise like the illegal child of a one-night-stand between the N81 and the iPhone, or am I just imagining things?
3 - I love the eye bling at the end (and so does the person who took this video) but I hate the music throughout the video.
4 - The interface seems neat and easily used, especially with such a huge screen.
5 - I was afraid S60's Touch would be an iPhone's UI rip-off, I see that it's not the case: we still have our beloved landmarks: active standby, softkeys, menu,... so I like it even more than I thought I would.
6 - I just LOVE the idea of the flip to silence the alarm/ringing. So innovative! It's almost like "oh I don't want to answer" and you flip and bang! Simply genius.
7 - Why did they show the current Nokia phones (S60 3rd) on the screen at the end? Aren't these supposed to be the phones that won't have the Touch UI?
8 - What the 'eck did roll down when the girl pressed the operator/date on the standby, right after the "Direct access to all key functions" text and before the "with physical feedbak". Could that be the profile switcher we normally have when pressing the power button, or a connection (BT, IR, WiFi, 3G)? I can't tell from the low-res video but I hope it's a mix of both.
9 - I hate that S60 hasn't learned yet that they need to implement a static consistent menu bar. Look at all the screenshots, in every one the top menu bar seems of a different color and size, sometimes it's not even there! Why oh why?! S60 pleaaaase, learn from your mistakes: consistency is more eye-candy.


  1. Guys, i suggest not to get to excited.

    Can you see the resolution of the screenshot posted? Its clearly a WQVGA Screen. That means only about 400x240 resolution. And since this baby is coming out in 2008 and will stay for at least some years that means we will see the WVGA 800x480 that are available in Japan phones since last year in Nokia phones in the next decade.

    Really, i could cry instead of being to excited. Nokia doesnt get it that people actually need a good display resolution for browsing the web. :(

  2. Seriously I couldn't care about screen resolutions as long as I have something easy to use. I have been waiting for an s60 touch interface ever since i bought my 3250, a year and a half ago, and i believe it has the potential of changing the way we interact with things, no matter what resolution the screen has.
    Plus screen resolution is related to the showcased device, and not to the interface. Here we have an interface presentation and not a device. Nokia could easily pump in a better screen in some devices! Look at s60 3rd, you have so many different screen res, from the 3250 to the E61 to the 5500 to the N95!


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